Industrial character of Martfű is measurable in the number of small and medium-sized enterprises and  big companies working here and in the construction of the settlement .


There were big enterprises which assented the improvement of the city in the last few decades, for example the Tisza Shoe Factory, decisive vegetable oil factory of Europe (Bunge Plc., and the first co-operative brewery of Hungary (Heineken Hungaria Breweries - Brewery of Martfű



The first steps were made in the end of the 1800s, when the brick producing started. But the cradle of the industrialisation and the new era started with the Hungarian expansion of the Bata syndicate of Zlin.With the foundation of the Cikta Shareholder group the history of the city and the shoe industry combined tightly. The work started in the mill in 1942 but now there are different firms on its territory what shows the continuity.


A munkások ellenõrzik a betonillesztéseket
The workers check the adaptation of the concrete


The shareholder group after the nationalisation changed its name to Tisza Cipő, which was known throughout the country for long decades.After the regime changed the factory fell apart, some units disappeared, other ones were settled undertaking with a new profile. The traditions called „tiszás” were carried on by the Tisza ShoeProducing Ltd. which has broken off, too. In the Tisza Industrial Establishment (3rd picture) the shoe producing companies play  determining role nowadays too, they try to modernize and run with the reaction for the new challenges.There are more enterprises which are attached to the shoe producing of Martfű in some ways, for example with producing cutter knives and other tools or taking part in energy- supply for the work or transporting   the workers. They undertake foreign orders as far as possible and try to exploit some European Union resources.



Coming from Szolnok on the left side of the road 442, the visitor or the transit  passenger can see the Brewery first. The youngest firm of the settlement came into existence mostly with the partnership of collective and state farms. On the safety-based brewing and packaging play a determining role in the industrial profile of the settlement  since the pilot mode, in 1981. It could be market-leader until the middle of the 1990s with continuous developments, the trial and introduction of new products and brands. It survived the decrease of the brewery production so it fusioned with the Soproni Breweries Plc. Later, as belonging to the syndicate, it changed its name to Brau Union Hungaria Breweries Plc., after this the brewery became the member of the Heineken group.


Modern üzemegység
Modern industrial unit


The significantly developed firm  struggle to make its production activity  environmentally correct. They  pay attention for the protection of the environment with using the most modern  methods. The company established the Heineken Hungaria for Marfű programme, which supports the local endowments or the improvements in the city, with one million forints annually.


The ancestor  of Bunge Plc. was the state-owned Vegetable Oil Producing  and  Detergent Manufacturer company. The plan of the factory began in 1978, the ceremonial inaugutation and the assay was in  November, 1980. The firm started to work in 1989, the factory is capable for refinement of 150 tons vegetable oil a day.



Cereol Holding took over the seed processing and the vegetable oil production  with its bottling related activities.After the privatisation the second largest investment began in the factory’s history, as the result of which the Martfű factory became one of the most modern firms in Europe in point of the quality of the products. It was an important change in the life of the company when the Bunge Company was bought by the Cereol European business branch in October, 2002. With the change of the ownership the factory collective met new challenges and the development continued with more intensity. The management decided to develop the Martfű factory into one of its largest factories. Due to this capital investment, new firms were established beside the existing ones, new equipments and new control systems helped the successful operation. The vegetable oil factory is the integral part of the city life, with the other local enterprises, contributing to the budget of the settlement.


Some years ago, the Martfű Thermal SPA became a new enterprise element but since then it is an improving one, which bases to the values of the settlement. The area of Martfű Thermal SPA Touristical Centre is the property of Toma Bau Shareholder Group from 2002. The complex includes nearly 13 hectares. There is the romantic building of Castle Hotel-Guesthouse Martfű**, The Thermal Hotel of Martfű, Martfű Medical Camping***, The Martfű SPA  swimming pool is not merely the section of the wellness of the hotel. The three- metre-high  diving board and the four–metre- deep sports pool  are excellent practising courts for the divers and the dubbing swimmers. The centre wants to unite the affection of nature, sport and  culture. A new tradition creating example is the EverGreen Tisza –Martfű Festival since 2010. The more than one-week-long programme series is organised with the cooperation of the companies, the local government and the institutions of the city.


Újabb turisztikai vonzerõ
Newer tourist attraction
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