Economy activating and entrepreneur-friendly politics

The local government on  its meeting on 27 January, 2011 made a decision about the foundation of the Local Enterprise Improving Base. Its  aim was  to help the new and the existing local enterprises in the promotion of their new investments to create new workplaces.


Since 2011, the local government with the local tax degree modification allowed the accession of the city by the local tax-payers as they can order on the usage of 1% of their charged taxes. In this way the tax-payers can name those things for which 1% of their paid tax is necessary to be spent on by  the local government. The deserving aims are defined by the city council annually in its budget order.


This initiative helps the cognition and the solution of the problems and subsidies the starter and the existing enterprises


Üzletsor a Piac téren
Row of shops on the Market place
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