When you are in Martfű, you are at home

Martfű is a small town surrounded by factories. There are parks in  its heart and the breathe of the Tisza on its  edge. That is exactly where the people tired of the noise of world want to be:  nature and  calmness. And the gift of this land:   curative thermal water. Local facilities, varied events,  natural and built environment of the county-centre, Szolnok, which is nearby, make our town more attractive for the visitors.


The surface of the Tisza, Körös and Zagyva, in their natural state, creates „green corridor”, the backwaters are primarily ideal for the angler tourism. Its protected natural areas are the favourite areas for hikers, excursionists and nature-lovers. Medicinal water of our county makes the possibility for forming attractive international tourism.

The health tourism, in which Martfű plays an outstanding role, is one of the most advantageous touristic forms. A part of the spas in our county is well- equipped, suitable for the demands and provides wide- scaled services. 

Anybody can feel the unique atmosphere of Martfű, who takes a walk from the city centre under the romantic chestnut-tree alley to the vital green coast of the Tisza. This is absolutely true for the 13- hectared territory of Martfű Thermal SPA touristical complex.

Martfû Termál SPA madártávlatból
Martfű Thermal SPA from bird’s eye view


The enterprise organises own programmes and they affect on their guests in physical, spiritual way with their services. Their visitors like taking part on the programmes of the city, and they gladly discover the the sights of the settlement.


Fesztivál hangulat
Festival feeling


Our city is the youngest settlement  of Jász-Nagykun Szolnok county, it is on the left side of the Tisza, about 20 km far from Szolnok. The stable, developed infrastructure, the outstandingly good public safety, the flowery, Tisza- coastal environment means pleasant living space to the people living here.


Its favourable geographical position and the proximity of the Tisza attracted the people onto this part. With the control of the Tisza the fishery and the Tisza crossing became possible,  the decreased marsh places  provided tillages for people  to settle down.


The „blond” river, which is one of the most important natural treasure of Martfű and Eastern- Hungary, cuts windingly teasing coast  with a  big loop in the county's southern corner, on the line of which our small town extends in the north-eastern gate of Tiszazug interspersing with the backwaters and floodplains.




The nature and the calmness keep the residents here, and attract the visitors. Not only these features call the attention of the tourists and visitors searching for recreation in this quiet, peaceful Tisza coastal city. But besides its natural values, medicinal water and the touristic centre attract the visitors. The area of Martfű Thermal SPA Touristical Centre is the property of Toma Bau Shareholder Group from 2002. The development was started after the purchasing of the area with a not refundable developing support.

After some successful projects the SPA was opened in 2009. The touristical komplex consists of almost 13 hectares. There is the Castle Hotel-Guesthouse Martfű**, camping and a boating lake, Thermal Hotel Martfű***, swimming pool, and Martfű Medical Camping and Apartment houses opened in June, 2005.


With the touristical investment, it conforms to the city life. Not a „fashionable” pool was built but also a medical spa which invigorates the medical bath culture.The Martfű Thermal SPA centre wants to unite the sport, the culture, and the love of nature.


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